Finding qualified candidates to fill an opening at your company can be difficult. Not only is the hiring process typically long and time-consuming, but even after all that work, there is no guarantee that the chosen candidate is going to work out in the long run. Given these challenges, many employers are opting to go with a more short-term approach by bringing in new employees on a temporary or temp-to-hire basis. So, what are the potential benefits that these staffing solutions could have for your company?

On-The-Job Evaluation

No matter how rigorous the hiring process, there is no guarantee that the candidate you choose is going to flourish in your company. Bringing workers in on a temporary basis, however, gives you the ability to see how they perform on the job before you make any kind of long-term commitments. Not only will you be able to see if a candidate can perform their duties effectively, you can also start to get a sense of whether or not he or she is going to fit within the culture of your company.

Flexibility to See How Much Help You Need

Sometimes you know that your company needs more hands on deck in order to handle the workload, but you’re still unsure of just how much help you need. By hiring workers on a temporary or temp-to-hire basis, you can see firsthand whether or not a new permanent position is justified. And in the event that a temporary worker proves invaluable to your operation, you can always create a permanent position to keep him or her around long term.

Saving Money

Hiring temporary workers can be a cost-saving measure, especially if you do it through a staffing agency. When hiring through a staffing service, the agency is the employer, not you. Since the employee technically works for the agency, you don’t have to worry about covering benefits such as health insurance or paid time off. Moreover, finding candidates through an agency can save your supervisors time, since they don’t have to lead the job search themselves. Letting an agency do most of the heavy lifting means that your workers can continue to focus on their regular duties.

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When coming into a temporary position, a lot of workers make the mistake of not taking the job seriously. After all, the job will be over in a handful of weeks or months, right? Not necessarily. In fact, a number of employers use temporary positions to evaluate the potential of workers for long-term employment, and even if the position is truly temporary, your supervisor can provide you with a glowing recommendation for your next job. Given the stakes, it’s important that you make a strong impression as a temporary employee, and the experts at Bolder Staffing Inc. are here to help with three simple tips.

Do Your Homework

Before you even walk through the door on your first day, you can take steps to make a great first impression. For starters, take some time to learn a little about the company. Browsing a corporation’s website, you can usually gain a pretty good understanding of the company’s identity, what it does, how it does it, and what its overall goals are. So do your homework and get an idea of how someone in your position can best contribute to the company.

Work Hard

A lot of temporary workers take things slow when they start a job, however, you can impress your new boss by coming out of the gate strong. By finishing tasks efficiently and volunteering to take on additional work, you can quickly gain a reputation as a dependable worker. If you make yourself useful enough, you may be just able to turn the temporary gig into full-time work.

Don’t Be a Stranger

Sometimes temporary workers don’t feel like true members of the team and just keep to themselves. If you want to make a good impression, then be proactive and introduce yourself around the office. Make an effort to assimilate into the workforce by sitting with your co-workers at lunch or chatting with people by the water cooler. Once the people you work with see you as a part of the team, then they’re less likely to think of you as simply a temporary employee.

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Hiring temporary employees can be a cost-efficient way to boost your workforce during the busy season or to evaluate new workers without making a long-term commitment. Unfortunately, bringing on new talent comes with the risk of impeding work flow, and temporary workers sometimes have a hard time assimilating, since they know that their employment isn’t permanent. If your company is interested in hiring temporary workers, here are four tips to help you seamlessly integrate them into the workforce.

Provide Adequate Training

One of the best ways to set temporary employees up for success is to give them the same caliber of training that you would for any other employee. Make sure that your temp workers know all the ins and outs of their assigned tasks by providing them with a proper orientation and plenty of supervised training by more experienced staff.

Start off With a Lighter Workload

As they become more familiar with the position and as you get a better understanding of their capabilities, then you can increase their responsibilities accordingly.

Properly Inform Current Staff

If you’re in the midst of making a temporary hire, one of the best things that you can do is give a heads-up to your current employees. Explain to the members of your staff what the expectations are for the new worker so that they can help make sure those expectations are met.

Encourage Communication

New workers typically have a lot of questions, so make sure that your temporary workers know what the proper communication channels are and encourage them to ask questions freely. Not only will an open dialogue cut down on confusion, but it can also help the assimilation process for temporary workers.

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When preparing for an upcoming interview, many job seekers will spend time researching the company and rehearsing answers to likely interview questions. Unfortunately, many interviewees forget that hiring mangers don’t only judge candidates based on what they say. In fact, a lot of communication that takes place in an interview is nonverbal, and what you say with your body and facial expressions is every bit as important as what you say with your mouth. Before you head into your next interview, take a look at Bolder Staffing Inc.’s top tips for how to use nonverbal communication to your advantage.

Dress the Part

Whether it’s fair or not, hiring managers will make a snap judgment about you before you even open your mouth. If you want to make an ideal first impression, then you need to dress for success. Typically, you want to go conservative with your clothes and accessories. In general, it’s a good idea to wear business attire, keep jewelry to a minimum and shy away from noxious perfumes or colognes. In order to make sure that you look your best, arrive a few minutes early and find the nearest bathroom to give yourself a once-over before the interview.

Be Mindful of Your Face

In an interview, one of the most important nonverbal communication tools is eye contact. Do your best to look the interviewer in the eyes in order to display confidence and show that you’re actively engaged in the conversation. Additionally, try to be aware of your overall facial expression. A lot of times people try to remain stoic and serious during an interview, which can come off as cold. Instead, try to smile every once in a while, as this can make you seem warmer and more enthusiastic.

Pay Attention to Your Body Language

A lot of people talk with their hands, and that’s fine. Gesturing during an interview can help to convey confidence and enthusiasm. Make sure that you don’t go overboard to the point that it becomes distracting. Also, be mindful of the signals you’re sending out with the rest of your body. Don’t slouch or lean casually back in your chair. Once you’re offered a seat, you should sit up straight to convey confidence and lean slightly forward to convey eagerness.

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Every employer knows the headache of hiring a candidate who doesn’t quite gel at the company. At Bolder Staffing, Inc., we know how frustrating it can be to go through an exhaustive hiring process only to end up with a new employee who drags down productivity and hinders the workflow of your entire business. But while you’re probably already familiar with the problems that a mediocre hire can bring, you may still be surprised by some of the direct and indirect costs that come along with them.

Direct Costs

With every new employee, there are a number of upfront and ongoing costs to your company. Obviously the employee takes a salary and benefits, and depending on the hire, your company may also incur relocation expenses. But there are a number of other direct costs that you may have to endure, especially if the employee in question turns out to be problematic. In the event that the employee needs to be terminated, you may be on the hook for severance pay. And if the employee feels that he or she was wrongfully terminated and decides to take legal action, then you may also have to fork over money for lawyers and various other court costs to handle the matter.

Indirect Costs

To go along with the direct costs, substandard employees also bring a number of indirect costs. The most apparent is a loss of productivity, not only for the employee in question, but for supervisors who have to spend additional time training the employee, evaluating his or her performance, and correcting the employee’s mistakes. Additionally, a mediocre hire could potentially damage relationships with clients, resulting in lost revenue. And worst of all, a single bad apple can cause headaches for the rest of your workforce, ruining morale and dragging down productivity across the board. In total, a bad hire can lead to thousands of dollars worth of indirect costs for your company.

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Even if your company has a comprehensive recruiting process, it’s still possible for mediocre candidates to slip through the cracks. At Bolder Staffing, Inc., our experts know how to identify qualified candidates and place them in positions where they’re likely to excel. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, call to talk to a member of our team today or contact us online.

Going in for a job interview can be daunting, and how you perform in the room could mean the difference between success and failure. If you’re committed to landing a job, then it’s important to prepare for the interview beforehand and develop answers to questions you’re likely to encounter. At Bolder Staffing, Inc., our experts know the most common questions that hiring managers ask, and we’ve got tips on how to prepare answers that will help you stand out from the pack.

Why Do You Want to Work for This Company?

This question is one of the most basic, and candidates often fall into the trap of giving a generic answer. In order to give yourself an advantage, do your homework on the company before you walk through the door. Find out how the company brands itself, what its values are, and talk about how you can contribute to the business’s goals.

What Is Your Biggest Weakness?

Everyone knows this dreaded question is coming, and hiring managers are sick of hearing “non-weaknesses,” like how you’re a perfectionist and you try too hard. Instead, try to identify a weakness and spin it into a positive. For example, if you’re a recent graduate and new to the workforce, talk about how you’re eager to learn and how your lack of pre-developed bad habits will enable you to do the job exactly as the company desires.

Why Are You Leaving Your Job? (Or Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?)

If you’re employed, it’s a good idea to talk about benefits the new company offers that your current employer does not, such as more perks, a better work environment, or a higher-quality product. Conversely, if you’re currently unemployed, find a reasonable explanation for why you’re out of a job, such as being a victim of downsizing at your last company.

What Are Your Goals?

If you’re familiar with the company, you can talk about your goals within the context of what the company is trying to achieve. Additionally, it’s a good idea to focus on short-term goals for the next few years, rather than shooting for the moon and saying that you want to own your own company someday.

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During the hiring process, you’re hoping to find the perfect candidate to work for your company. Unfortunately, yours isn’t the only business looking for top-notch talent, and quality employees often have the luxury of choosing where they want to work, putting them in the driver’s seat. So during the interview process, it’s important to remember that candidates are evaluating your company just as much as you’re evaluating them. The experts at Bolder Staffing, Inc., know how you can help your company stand out to perspective employees.

Play to the Strengths of Your Brand

Whether you’ve been in business for a handful of months or over a decade, you should have a good idea of how your company stacks up against the competition. So during the recruitment process, be sure to play up the strengths of your brand. Talk about what makes you better than your competitors and what unique perks your company offers. If you know, for example, that a rival business offers a better benefits package, then talk up the benefits that you do offer and highlight aspects of your company that you know are weaknesses for your rival.

Enthusiasm Is Infectious

Most candidates walk into an interview prepared to sell themselves, and you should take the same approach with your company. Think of the interview as a sales pitch, and show enthusiasm about your company, the work that it does, and the environment that you create for your employees. Remember that enthusiasm is infectious, so speak positively about your company and leave the candidate with a positive impression.

Know All the Ins and Outs of the Position

If you’re going after top-tier recruits, then they will likely come equipped with a number of questions about the position, and they may develop new questions during the interview itself. So before sitting down with potential candidates, make sure you know as much about the position as possible. Be prepared to give detailed answers about the day-to-day expectations of the job and how that job functions within the overall flow of the company.

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At Bolder Staffing, Inc., our experts have years of experience helping companies find ideal candidates for all of their open positions. If you’re interested in learning how Bolder can help your company, call to speak with a member of our team or contact us online.

A top-notch cover letter and resume aren’t always enough to get you in the door of your dream company. Sometimes providing the right professional references to back up your abilities can make all the difference. Here are a few tips on selecting the right professional references for your desired position:

Answer Employer’s Questions

When selecting a reference, it’s important to keep the hiring manager’s expectations in mind. If the interviewer is eager to hear about your leadership skills, consider putting her in touch with your previous employees. On the other hand, you can show your ability to work as a team by offering a reference from a co-worker or business partner. The goal is to think about the questions an employer is most likely to have and provide references accordingly.

Avoid Lukewarm References

While your first instinct may be to supply the name of your previous manager, references from bosses aren’t always the way to go. If you had an issue or disagreement with your last supervisor, it may be wise to leave him off your reference list. Instead, choose a person in a position of authority at the company. For example, you could select a senior employee or a supervisor in another department. Whomever you choose, make sure this individual is going to speak about you in the most glowing terms possible.

Ask Permission

You can’t determine what your references will say about you if you don’t ask for permission before offering up their names. Before speaking to the hiring manager, talk to all your potential references and make sure they’re willing and able to endorse you. A supervisor or colleague who doesn’t remember you—or doesn’t have anything specific to say—won’t be much use in the long run.

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Just because you got your foot in the door doesn’t mean you have all the information needed to land your dream job. An experienced staffing company like Bolder Staffing, Inc. can help you navigate the interview process and work with you to select the best references to impress potential employers. For more information about our staffing services, call today or contact one of our recruitment pros online.

When embarking on an employee search, companies tend to look for the best and brightest. And while there’s nothing wrong with this philosophy, businesses that focus only on skills and achievements may find themselves suffering turnover issues down the line. After all, an employee’s talent and experience don’t necessarily speak to their loyalty, and companies that fail to consider turnover may wind up losing their hard-won hires to the competition before long. Here are a few of Bolder Staffing, Inc.’s tips for reducing turnover rates through careful hiring:

Define the Job Well

You can’t blame an employee for bailing on a company if they are misled about the job during the application process. To minimize turnover down the line, it’s wise to be open and honest about the position in question. Along with stating the primary responsibilities, be clear about the company culture and expectations. If the job candidate is an avowed introvert, he may not be thrilled about having to work as part of a team every day.

Offer Flexibility

It doesn’t matter how great a job is if the company doesn’t provide its employees with a certain degree of flexibility. From taking care of kids to dealing with aging parents, today’s workers are often overextended. Further, studies show that flexible work environments are one of the most valued perks among employees and a huge factor in determining retention rates. If you want to attract the best people—and keep them from bailing—it’s wise to offer flexible working conditions as part of the hiring package.

Try Different Recruitment Methods

Have your last few hires proven less than reliable? You may want to explore how different recruitment sources affect employee loyalty and retention. If you’ve only utilized job ads and employee referrals in the past, it might be wise to consider turning over your job search to a staffing company like Bolder Staffing, Inc. With our years of experience, we excel at identifying job candidates who are truly passionate about your company. By taking more time with today’s hiring search, you can reduce the odds that you’ll have to launch another one in a couple months.

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It’s not enough to be up to speed on the latest coding languages and computer programs. To succeed in today’s competitive workforce, employees must also possess a wide array of soft skills. Non-technical abilities, soft skills refer to a job candidate’s emotional intelligence that affect their ability to problem solve and get along with peers. Here are three essential soft skills that modern employers are looking for in top talent:


The ability to adapt to changing circumstances is one of the most valuable soft skills for candidates to possess. Even the best-run companies will have to deal with altered deadlines and spur-of-the-moment emergencies. Hiring managers need to know that the candidates they choose can roll with the punches and won’t lose their calm when disaster strikes.


Communication skills are valuable in just about every career. Not only must employees be able to speak to customers and staff by phone and in person, but they also need to possess strong writing skills. Understanding that email communication presents its own set of challenges, hiring managers seek out candidates who come across as polite and clear in online messages. Want to stand out in that interview? Show your communication skills extend to an ability to teach and guide your co-workers.


Hiring managers aren’t just looking for employees who meet expectations—they also want candidates who step up and take initiative. To stand out in your next interview, take time to share a business anecdote in which you came up with an idea and followed it through to completion. The goal is to show that you are ambitious and invested in both your future and the company’s.

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Hard skills like technical expertise and product know-how may get you in the door. However, employers are increasingly looking to a candidate’s soft skills to close the deal. At Bolder Staffing, Inc., we work hard to ensure all our job candidates go into their interviews prepared. For more information on our recruitment services, call today or contact our staffing pros online.